Church Administration


The Church isn't just a place for Sunday Worship.  It is a business, and here at Woodland UMC, we are blessed to have several teams that keep the business of things running smoothly.  For more information about these committees, click here.


Church Council

The Church Council serves as the main administrative body and the final decision-making body of the church.

Each of the committees and Lay Leadership report to the Church Council once per month to keep the leadership apprised.


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees the raising of funds and expenses for the church.  

They maintain a set of policies related to the financial management practices of the church.  


Staff-Parish Relations Committee

The Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) makes recommendations concerning employment or appointment of staff.  It establishes personnel policy concerning both appointed and employed staff.  Each employee of the church is paired with a liaison to the SPRC,

and each month these liaisons check in with the employee to see if there is anything that the employee would like to bring to the Committee.

The SPRC is the church body that members of the congregation can speak within the event that they have a personnel issue.



The Trustees are the caretakers of the church.  The Board of Trustees serves the church in two important functions.  First, it represents the church legally as the Board of Directors of the Corporation.  Second, it serves as the property committee looking out for the assets and facilities of the church.  



If you are interested in becoming a member of these, or any other church committees, please contact the church office.