Children's Ministries

Woodland United Methodist Church extends a very warm welcome to all who seek to learn and grow in the ways of Jesus through the ministry of Sunday school.  We strive to provide a loving, faithful environment to engage the children and youth.  It is our prayer that all will find guidance and hope for their lives, no matter their age.


What to Expect on Sunday Morning

Worship begins in the worship space (sanctuary) at 10:00 a.m.  You may enter from the West hall entrance, turn left at ‘The Corner’,

and find worship through the double doors, or you may enter from the front stair entrance on Second Street, off the circular plaza. 


Children are always welcome in worship! 

A Children’s Moment is offered for the children at the front of the worship space within the first 15 minutes of worship.  Following this time, children are escorted by their teachers to the classrooms.  If a family wishes to have their nursery-age child participate in the Children’s Moment, the adult may bring the child.  Otherwise, it is understood that nursery age children will be signed into the nursery. 

At the close of worship, Nursery children and the Children’s class children will be signed out by the adult at the door of those rooms in the West hall.  These doors are clearly marked.  The Youth class youth sign themselves out of their class and meet their families in the Fellowship Hall.  A Fellowship Time is available following worship in the Fellowship Hall, through the double doors to the left of the worship space.  Adults may choose to visit here briefly before signing-out their children from classrooms.



We welcome infants through age 3 in the church nursery, staffed by paid professional, Kim Hammons.  Loving, gracious care is offered each week.  Parents will find the Nursery at the West Hall, entering from the parking lot at the corner of North and First streets.  A careful sign-in procedure, complete with pagers, was established in the Fall of 2019.  Our Safe Gatherings policy is found on the website under

Children’s Ministry for your review.

Sunday School

Current classes are available for (A) Children:  Age 4 - Third grade, and (B) Youth:  Fourth grade and older.  

The Children Class meets in the West Hall ‘Children’s Room'.  The Youth class meets upstairs (two flights) from ‘The Corner’.
Teachers serve in teams and provide compassionate, faithful sharing of Bible stories, activities and projects that help to grow disciples of Jesus Christ.



We ask that each family complete a Registration Form at ‘The Corner’, or available from a teacher, in order that we may have on file information needed for our records.  Thank you.


Please contact the church office at (530) 662-6274 to ask for our Coordinator of Children’s Ministry, Rev. Deb Grundman,

or email to reach her directly.